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Decline in smoking and government revenues

The Italian government has recorded a decrease of € 700 million in revenue from smoking, thanks to the spread of electronic cigarettes. Hence the idea of overtax them. Electronic cigarettes are not the ultimate solution but at least they do not kill those who smoke and those around us. Bad thing a country that is economically dependent also on the dependencies of its citizens (smoke and gambling). Really a bad thing.


A Special Tax on Sugary Beverages? Yes Please!

A special tax on sugary beverages that contain additives and other substances of no nutritional value and high caloric content.Finally it seems that even in Italy (see Denmark and Finland) we are starting to wake up, with a new law about to be passed. For those who complain that then government would start taxing other foods too, like snacks and sweets, all I have to say is... well we have to start somewhere!


Fat tax in Denmark

From October 1st in Denmark tax on groceries will have the nutritional composition as a criteria. It will penalize products that are high in saturated fats. This despite being a country with an obesity rate altogether lower (less than 10%) than other European countries. In France in 2012 sugary drinks will be taxed more. All of this may make sense, economically and culturally.