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Words are important to the health of the patient

It is considering whether to rename some diseases that are currently defined with the word cancer to change the impact of the diagnosis on the patient. Some diseases related to cancer do not have those characteristics of rick and mortality to justify the shock that causes however the name "cancer". A step ahead to understand that the patient has a body but also the mind, and therapy should take into consideration both.


Happiness is good, according to the University of North Carolina!

A study of the ones I like, the impact of the joy on the modification of the physiology of stress. The small fleeting joys (the smell of bread in the morning in my case) would seem to depress the immune system and have a "stressful" physiological profile, while enduring happiness (let's call it serenity?) enhances the entire human system with anti-inflammatory effect. The lesson? Be always happy.


Trash your negative thoughts

I just read a nice article on a U.S. study that suggests to put on paper your negative thoughts and literally trash them. The act frees up space for your positive thoughts. It all happens in our heads, and among the ups & downs of our mood, if you bet on your positive thoughts, you got many new opportunities. Let's try it. Write down your negative thoughts and trash the sheet!