> Health and medicine

The threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria

The British government in the National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies sees in the threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria (Amr: Antimicrobial Resistance Infection) a risk to public health. The widespread use of antibiotics is a gym for the bacteria. It is not the use of antibiotics but the abuse of antibiotics that concerns us all, the antibiotics taken for "precaution". Let's go back to using medication only when really needed.


> Childcare

Children and allergies, let's go back to nature

A study by the New England Journal of Medicine finds that children born to mothers who eat foods that contain allergens during pregnancy tend to develop less allergies. As it is known that infants who are in contact with pets tend to develop fewer allergies as well. Let's get back to nature and back to normal. This is the lesson. An aseptic and hypoallergenic enviroment is not healthy.


> Childcare

The Italian scandal about the prescription formula milk when not needed

Great fanfare: pediatricians involved in a malfeasance against infant and new mothers. They prescribed the use of artificial milk powder in exchange for bribes by the manufacturers. Against the ethics. I hope, however, we would reflect that the damage is not the gift received but the fact that they have altered the nutrition and the development of the infant. Infant formula is not comparable to the modern one. And it never will.


> Diets and nutrition

Sunscreening eating fruit

Protect yourself with a high protectiosunscreen, this is the first recommendation before exposure to the sun. The protection, however, begins with eating sources of beta-carotene such as apricots, cantaloupe, carrots raw, but also watermelon. In this way, the skin defends itself becoming more responsive to tanning and allowing the melanin to protect us. A simple and healthy habit for every day in the summer.


> Health and environment

Smoke-free beach in Bibione (Venice, Italy)

A step out of the Middle Ages. In the seaside resort of Bibione (in the province of Venice, Italy) an ordinance banning smoking on the beach to protect people from breathing secondhand smoke. Smoking doesn't bother only the ones who smoke! Smoking indoors in public spaces is a violence and luckily is prohibited. Smoking outdoor in public spaces is still an act of rudeness towards people around us.


> Health and environment

The summer suddenly. Be careful not to become dehydrated

This morning the car thermometer marked 39 degrees celsius. That means it is probably something around 35 or 36 degrees. The balcony railing is hot. It is a dry, hot and still. We are not yet prepared and now more than ever we better be careful. Drink water, eat fruits and vegetables in abundance. If then we practice outdoor sports, we should be way more careful. Rehearsals of summer, let's be ready!


> Diets and nutrition

Less salt, better

Less salt you consume the better you are. Simple and true. Excessive consumption of salt is related to water retention and increase of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Eating too much salt leads to a lower sensitivity of taste. Sodium exists in nature, you do not have to add it to your diet. This is especially true for children who are uneducated to the taste of excess salt in their meals.


> Health and medicine

The madness of the use of anabolic steroids

What folly! A 20 year old guy who, after having had multiple heart attacks and strokes for the use of anabolic died because he continued to train considering himselves invincible. Then yet another wrestler, The Ultimate Warrior, who died of a heart attack at age 54 after a history of reckless use of steroids. When you see a muscle impossible, you know that this man uses steroids. And it is possible if not probable that he might die of a heart at


> Health and environment

Distributors of oxygen and whatsappitis syndrome

In China distributors of oxygen because now you can not breathe anymore. Then here the new whatsappitis syndrome, a pathology found on a pregnant woman who sent messages with her smartphone for six hours straight. One behind the other these two news today, news of a world that goes wrong, a progress that could be sothing else. I do not believe in happy degrowth, but I do believe in smart growth. And this is not it.


> Health and medicine

Arterial damages for children with parents who smoke

A Finnish and Australian study detects damage to the walls of the arteries in children who grow up with smoking parents and then undergo the so-called passive smoking. Still makes headlines say the obvious and alas study is required to be credible, not just the simple math of common sense. An invitation to quit smoking, if not for yourself, at least for others. If you do not for others, at least for your children.


> Health and medicine

Physical Activity healthy for the sight!

A moderate physical activity is good for everything, also to the sight. This was declared by the University of Atlanta in an article in the Journal of Neuroscience. Physical activity stimulates health, cell turnover, tissue elasticity, elasticity of the muscles of the circulatory system and so on. In this specific case it would stimulate the production of photoreceptors. It's fantastic to find evidence that health is within our reach daily.


> Health and medicine

Another Marlboro Man victim of the cigarette

Eric Lawson, Marlboro Man advertising of the '70s / '80s, smoker since the age of 14, died of a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a direct conseguence of smoking. Similar fate for other Marlboro Man (David Millar, Dick Hammer, Wayne McLaren and David McLean). I remember a young doctor who told me that every smoker should visit the pulmonology department of a hospital. There are many ways to leave this world. Smoking is a folly.


> Diets and nutrition

Omega 3 preserve the clarity of your mind

A joint study between the University of South Dakota and San Francisco finally declares that yes, without any doubt the intake of omega 3 in the diet allows you to maintain long-cognitive skills. It is worth to change your eating habits to introduce sources of omega 3. Easy to say but very difficult to get, in this case, for once, I agree to the use of a supplement of certified fish oil.


> Thoughts

Ciao Taylor

A teenager, 12 years old, Taylor, wrote to herself when she will be 22. She sent a letter with the commitment to re-open it in 10 years. Pneumonia takes her away. The letter is delivered and her parents read it and spread it on the social media. The world is moved. So am I. The feeling that Taylor has lived a part of the future she will not have. The feeling that in 10 years she'll be back. Ciao Taylor.


> Childcare

The trick to teach children to eat healthy

American pediatricians write on the American Heart Association website the rules to make our children eat healthy. The classic dilemma, how to let them eat veggies and fruits etc. The last advice is perhaps the only one that matters: eat well yourlself, because children do not learn from teaching but by example.


> Health and medicine

Tackling cancer with immunotherapy

I read with surprise that we begin to think that we can controll cancer from the inside stimulating defenses immuitarie. The medicine comes now to say the obvious. How do they suggest to achive it? Vaccines and injections of antibodies. Why not instead with nutrition and lifestyle? Yes, we can. Why then do they prefer chemistry with all its contraindications to nature?


> Diets and nutrition

Not just a matter of calories ...

Finally, an article stating that not all food is equal to equal calories. What we eat "controls us," writes the author, the macro and micro-nutrient composition of the meal affects the hormonal system and the control of sense of satiety. That's right, pay attention to calories, certainly, but of equal importance is to pay attention to the composition of the foods providing us with those calories.


> Health and medicine

Doctor Veronesi against taxation on electronic cigarettes

We have already discussed, the estimate is 30,000 fewer deaths in a year with the spread of electronic cigarettes. Yes, the e-cig do not eliminate the vice but they do eliminate most of the harmful substances that smokers suffer and make others suffer. Dr. Veronesi calls on the government not to continue with the aggressive taxation on electronic cigarettes to make cash at the expense of the health of Italian.


> Diets and nutrition

The bad culture of "well-being" ...

I am shocked, I found this article, useless, distracted and not referenced in the main Italian newspaper that says that milk is essential, sugar given to children before going to sleep is ok, in short, that the diet of advertising goes well and all the rest is paranoia. Why write such things? Perhaps to fill the very last minute a newspaper column. Why?


> Health and environment

The pollution in the cities? Causes cancer, now it's official ...

Finallu, the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) in Lyon and has found and made t official that pollution in the cities causes cancer. Maybe because we had to sell more cars, I don't know, but for so many years researchers said it was not so obvious. It was obvious for people like me who think that human lungs have not evolved to breathe these dusts and products of oil combustions. We urgently need to return to Nature.


> Health and medicine

Fitness better than medications!

The British Medical Journal published a study which reveals that physical activity can give preventive and curative results similar to those obtained with medications. How do you say? They discovered the hot water! However, it is always useful to remember the importance of moderate physical activity, it has only pros and cure the body and the mind in an absolutely virtuous cycle.


> Health and environment

The nature frees your creativity

A U.S. study finds that technology, unlike what many people think, do not stimulate creativity, actually it is a limit. Four days immersed in nature and your mind is free from the "too much information". In a million years, maybe two, then we are really accustomed to technology, for now let us trust the nature of which we are part.


> Psychology and health

Happiness is good, according to the University of North Carolina!

A study of the ones I like, the impact of the joy on the modification of the physiology of stress. The small fleeting joys (the smell of bread in the morning in my case) would seem to depress the immune system and have a "stressful" physiological profile, while enduring happiness (let's call it serenity?) enhances the entire human system with anti-inflammatory effect. The lesson? Be always happy.


> Psychology and health

Words are important to the health of the patient

It is considering whether to rename some diseases that are currently defined with the word cancer to change the impact of the diagnosis on the patient. Some diseases related to cancer do not have those characteristics of rick and mortality to justify the shock that causes however the name "cancer". A step ahead to understand that the patient has a body but also the mind, and therapy should take into consideration both.


> Health and medicine

Eugenics, between hope and horror

A film, Gattaca, he spoke in 1997. Today in England the baby "without disease" was born from an embryo selected and implanted on the basis of its genetic profile, through the method of Wells called "Next generation sequencing" (NGS). Hope for many, horror for many. Horror in front of a medicine that continues to believe in genetics rather than lifestyle and nature. Others will call it hope.


> Health and medicine

Tips for tanning

The first and by common sense is to expose yourself to the sun in the late hours of the afternoon, especially children. About sunscreens, use high protection and renew the protection every two hours and always after a bath. Open sunscreen loses its effectiveness after a year, so buy a new one and do not use the old one. Yes, you tan the same, better and with safety. Be smart.


> Health and medicine

Sunbathing with intelligence, attention to melasma

Melasma is a stain due to concentration of melanin that occurs mainly to pregnant women. The precautions are the usual, a good sunscreen lotion and, half an hour before exposure, taking beta-carotene from a carrot and apple juice or eating a couple of raw carrots. The tan will be more beautiful and healthier the skin. Summer is here, let's be prepared.


> Health and medicine

Abuse of painkillers, more deaths than drug

The Brandeis University some time ago published the statistics: the ease with which painkillers are taken has become a social issue. We live in the era of chemistry, where the systematic (ab)use of medicines is spreading, even and especially when unnecessary and harmful, a dangerous shortcut to the "wellness." The abuse of painkillers kills more thean the drugs. Let's think over it.


> Politics and health

Decline in smoking and government revenues

The Italian government has recorded a decrease of € 700 million in revenue from smoking, thanks to the spread of electronic cigarettes. Hence the idea of overtax them. Electronic cigarettes are not the ultimate solution but at least they do not kill those who smoke and those around us. Bad thing a country that is economically dependent also on the dependencies of its citizens (smoke and gambling). Really a bad thing.


> Health and medicine

Tips on how to live for 100 years: so easy and yet so hard

I read an anti-aging article about suggestions in order to create favorable conditions to live 100 years. All practical advice and easy: east moderately, lots of veggies, no fast food and simple sugars, moderate but continuous physical activity, search for serenity. All practicable and easy, yet in a sense so hard to achive. Try to understand why it is often so hard to follow these easy steps is the beginning of the anti-aging strategy.


> Childcare

Post partum depression? Prevention with DHA

We talk about postpartum depression and only marginally we refer to the role of DHA. DHA supplementation before and during pregnancy and lactation (and not just in the last three months) reduces the probability of maternity blues or at least attenuates the symptoms. It's not magic, it's simple chemistry. Yet, as all that is natural, mysteriously finds little attention in the scientific debates.


> Diets and nutrition

Excess salt in the diet, a cultural issue

Yet another study highlights how dangerous excess salt in our diet can be. It estimates that 65% of the world population take in twice as much sodium as necessary, and about 2.3 million deaths are attributable to this fact. The issue is cultural: the salt is cheap and "fast". Seasoning with spices without salt is possible. It costs a little more, takes more time and dedication, probably prolongs life.


> Health and medicine

Hygiene is not hygienical when it is excessive

Draw cue from a study on acne, where it is noted that the absence of acne is due not to the lack of bacteria but to the natural balance between different strains of these. In other words, you do not need and it is indeed a counter excessive hygiene, perhaps with toxic products designed to create a sterile environment. Nature is part of us and we are part of.


> Health and medicine

Antibiotic resistance and superbugs

A new English study, with tones actually exaggerated, shows that overuse of antibiotics is leading to the formation of increasingly resistant bacteria. The antibiotic is a lifesaver when needed. The formation of resistant bacteria a big threat. The solution? Use antibiotics only when necessary. The overuse of antibiotics is literally a training ground for bacteria become superbugs.


> Childcare

Boredom as a creative space

A psychologist on the radio says that boredom in children is a creative space. Don't keep your child always busy, and worse than ever "busy" in front of the TV. The child needs quiet moments where it can process the information it has received. The child doesn't get bored when thinking, even though adults may think so. So let your child has his/her moments, slow, creative.


> Childcare

The child in front of the television

Children who watch television for too many hours can develop aggression. Let's abandon the myth of educational TV. The information learned from the TV are unidirectional, the child takes it passively. Many hours of the TV are times when the child does not expressed him/herself as he/she needs to. Therefore possible, if not probable, that the child may experience restlessness or, as reported in a study today, aggressiveness.


> Health and medicine

Still confusion between early cancer detection and prevention

Again! I read "one-third of the most common cancers can be prevented through early detection." Early detection detects cancer, so it does not prevent it. This logical error leads us to mix up the care with prevention, prevention that is only achived reducing exposure to risk factors and changing lifestyle habits in a natural-evolutionary direction. Starting from what you put on the table every day.


> Health and medicine

Smoke provoke back pain

Smoking damages the intervertebral disc of the spine causing back pain. A study coordinated by three American universities confirms that quitting smoking leads to a strong discrese of pain in more than half of the cases. It seems hard to find a pathology where smoking has not a negative role or is not the cause. Quitting smoking is always strategic. Always.


> Health and environment

The evidence proving the obvious: smog causes stroke and heart attack

Smog increases the risk of (read "causes") stroke and heart attack. Now we have proof. Do we really need proof? Is it possible that common sense and a simple but not simplistic mathematical logic is not enough to say something so obvious? And we are asked to try even evidence in medicine? And where it is not so easy to try something for limits of the research (samples, duration), then does it means that something is not true?


> Psychology and health

Trash your negative thoughts

I just read a nice article on a U.S. study that suggests to put on paper your negative thoughts and literally trash them. The act frees up space for your positive thoughts. It all happens in our heads, and among the ups & downs of our mood, if you bet on your positive thoughts, you got many new opportunities. Let's try it. Write down your negative thoughts and trash the sheet!


> Health and medicine

The risk of creating a bacterium resistant to antibiotics

I read of a bacterium that, mutating, seems to have become resistant to antibioticsThe most pessimistic says that we may find ourselves helpless as before the discovery of penicillin. Probably alarmist, but it is worth repeating that the abuse of antibiotics can lead to the paradox that a life-saving drug truly become a threat to health when abused.


> Health and medicine

Antibiotics abuse: Italy, Greece and Spain in primis

The Nordic countries, which have a harsh climate, showed a lower use of antibiotics compared to temperate countries, such as Italy, Greece and Spain. The impact of this abuse (as defined) on public expenditure and the health of the person is important. It's the doctors who should contribute to creating a culture of health of the patient and prescribe antibiotics only when strictly necessary.


> Diets and nutrition

Vitamin supplements, useless when you don't need them

A study conducted at Harvard over a span of 13 years on over 15,000 people age 50 or more shows that vitamin supplementation on its own does not signficantly contribute to cancer prevention. It shows a modest reduction in the risk (8%) but nothing so significant. Our bodies do not need to swallow pills, but rather, healthy choices at the dining table.


> Health and environment

Russia has blocked the import of GMO maize

Following the French study that showed that GMO maize and a certain herbicide are carcinogenic, as mentioned in my previous entry, Russia has blocked the import of maize NK 603 (GMO) until further studies can guarantee its safety. This is called the principle of prudence, a principle that apparently most of the scientific community all too often ignores. Wouldn't it be nice if Italy were to follow Russia's example. Let's see ...


> Health and environment

GMO and the Scientific Community: Impartiality Aside

A French study tackles once again the controversy over GMO and health, linking the consumption of GMO maize and the use of a certain herbicide with tumor growth in the lab. Scientists get defensive and claim that certain procedures used in the study were not valid. Yet studies confirming the harmlessness of GMOs never seem to receive the same scrutiny. When not pleased with the results they contest even small details. But when they are pleased...


> Childcare

Salt in Childhood: Better Later Than Sooner

I just commented on a magazine article that talked about the link between childhood hypertension and table salt. Our eating habits are mostly acquired and not innate. Children do not feel the need to use salt until they discover its existence. Sooner or later they will discover it but the later they get used to salty flavors (and sweet ones for that matter), the less addicted to it they will become.


> Health and medicine

Human Papillomavirus Vaccine. Useful? Maybe Yes, Maybe Not. Maybe.

The debate over the efficiency and safety of vaccines continues. Today the newspapers talk about how the human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV) is neither the best nor the most efficient way of preventing an infection that could lead to cervical cancer, arguing that information regarding the vaccine is often misinterpreted as a go-ahead for promiscuous behavior and that its costs could be better invested towards prevention or early diagnosis.


> Politics and health

A Special Tax on Sugary Beverages? Yes Please!

A special tax on sugary beverages that contain additives and other substances of no nutritional value and high caloric content.Finally it seems that even in Italy (see Denmark and Finland) we are starting to wake up, with a new law about to be passed. For those who complain that then government would start taxing other foods too, like snacks and sweets, all I have to say is... well we have to start somewhere!


> Health and environment

The Rudeness of Smoking in Public

A crowded outdoor restaurant. A hot and muggy August evening without the slightest breeze. Two infants in their carriages. Two or more diners light up, they hold their cigarettes slightly off to the side and turn their heads to blow the smoke away from themselves and towards the other tables. This is outright rudeness. Addiction? Go, be addicted in your own home, blow the smoke on your own food and on the faces of those who choose your company.


> Health and environment

The Nonbrowning Apple

Whoever it was that invented it can be the one to eat it. This was the first thought that came to my mind when I read the news about an American company that has genetically modified the common apple so that it won't brown once it is cut open. Actually, all it takes is a few drops of lemon juice on the sliced part to ensure that it doesn't brown. Why do we make such heroic efforts to alter nature instead of to conserve and respect it?


> Diets and nutrition

The Myth Behind Milk

A recent article in The New York Times questioned whether or not dairy products should be a fundamental part of a balanced diet. Let's get straight to the point: cow's milk is not an indispensable food. Forget the myth that milk is the best source of calcium. If you are concerned about your bones then you should make sure you are following an alkaline diet and not an acidic one...meaning plenty of vegetables and no cheese!


> Health and medicine

Cure or Prevention?

I read the news (not so new) that "Omega-3 counteracts the formation of amyloid-beta protein and prevents the brain from aging... preventing Alzheimers". I've been saying this for 15 years! Family doctors rarely recommend Omega-3 however, perhaps because they confuse cure with prevention and prescribe the cure but do not suggest the prevention. Nutrition is the main block of true preventive medicine.


> Health and medicine

Pediatric vacciness yes or no. So ideological!

Today I read a survey on parents' perceptions of the dangers of pediatric vaccines. Then I read the comments to the article. Some blindly support the importance of vaccines. Others oppose them claiming a conspiracy between government and Big Pharma. Ideologies, both. My opinion? Ok to vaccines, but always putting the child at the center with a carefully studied vaccination schedule, proper doses and carefully formulated vaccines.


> Diets and nutrition

Bouncing eggs...

After the exploding watermelons caused by the excess of a fertilizer, a news comes increasingly from China about eggs that, once boiled, they bounce. Probably because of chikens fed with counterfeit food containing a protein of cotton seed. A food that make eggs toxic. It's a matter of fraud of course, but also this strange idea that chemistry can ignore and take the place of nature.


> Childcare

Two Behaviors to Avoid With Children

Two behaviors to best avoid when your child misbehaves: 1. Repeating over and over that he did something wrong. It's enough to just say it once or twice, but clearly. Incessant repeating creates habit and takes away from the importance of the words. 2. Showing anger. Your child will be more startled by your rage than by the reason behind it. And never use violence, not even if it is only verbal. You'd be teaching him that the bigger one wins.


> Politics and health

Fat tax in Denmark

From October 1st in Denmark tax on groceries will have the nutritional composition as a criteria. It will penalize products that are high in saturated fats. This despite being a country with an obesity rate altogether lower (less than 10%) than other European countries. In France in 2012 sugary drinks will be taxed more. All of this may make sense, economically and culturally.


> Diets and nutrition

Good and fast weight loss?

An article on Corriere.it video shows that it is not possible to lose weight fast and well without adequate physical activity. I called the "Wellness Revolution": eat well, move and have a positive attitude. What is often missing from these tips is that you have to develop a nutrition culture anyway. To make the food an ally and not an enemy.


> Safety

Avoiding falling asleep while driving

No matter if we drive back home from work, or on a night drive for vacation, the risk of falling asleep while driving is a serious harm. A useful article points out that the unique, simple and safe way to avoid falling asleep while driving is to stop and rest at least 20 minutes. Loud music, open windows, liters of coffee does not reduce the risk. Risk for yourself, but also the risk for the others. So, at the first signs, take a break.


> Health and medicine

Sunbathing carefully

The time is right to remember along with many articles that follow in the newspapers that no one is Superman, the sun and its UV rays are hot and are dangerous for everyone, even for those who are already tanned. Putting sunscreen is an act of intelligence. Although greasy. Even if it is morning or late afternoon. In particular for children.


> Diets and nutrition

Having vegetables before the meal

A recent study by the University of Osaka recalls once again that eating vegetables before the meal reduces the glycemic impact, improve lipid levels and blood pressure, promotes satiety, so it is a good dietary strategy. It's at least 20 years that I hear periodically this same advice, an advice that stays the same over time, soemthing rare when it's about nutrition. I like it, I share it and I want to share it with you.


> Diets and nutrition

Plenty of vegetables, but varied

A study published by the'' American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that not just eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, five servings classic, but these servings need to be varied otherwise the health benefits are much less effective. Keep in mind, whether you are following a weight loss diet or you care for your health.


> Childcare

Discipline children? No thank you.

Trying to discipline a child by force is an act of arrogance and ignorance. A child should only be accompanied in its growth. With courage, patience, sensitivity and humility. Our repeated reprimands (a continuous dejavu) and moments of anger only serve to complicate your life to him and to you. The child learns by our attitude and if it is an attitude of anger, he will learn only the fear and anger.


> Safety

The kids in the car

Lately there is much talk of child safety in cars. Advertising on the radio, newspaper articles urge us to keep our children properly connected to the chair and abide by the guidelines on the positioning, orientation and type of chair based on age and weight. An act of responsibility and intelligence.


> Health and medicine

Yoga monitors helps controlling arrhythmias

This is not something new. Meditation (so practices like yoga who interpret it) has an impact on your breathing and heart rate. It is interesting to read that you have found a clear relationship between the practice of yoga and the control of cardiac arrhythmias. Overturning the observation, if a practice anti-stress monitors and normalizes arrhythmias, the distress of everyday life perhaps there are at least a contributory factor.


> Diets and nutrition

Diet when preparing for a school exam

A few years ago I suggested to a friend - who was preparing the Academic thesis - to eat properly because it would have helped his concentration. I'm afraid my advice didn't get through. Andrea Ghiselli, INRAN researcher, suggests exactly the same. Eat little. Digestible. Often. I am afraid that this time this tip remained unheard, again.


> Diets and nutrition

The nutrition education

Prof. Umberto Veronesi regrets that nutrition education is not widely known in Italy and abandoned to the self-interest of individuals. And in the vacuum of information, I might add, is spreading misinformation of commercial advertising. Food and health are one. Deserves to dedicate more space. At school. At home. In the media. It would benefit everyone. Just everyone.


> Health and environment

Dromedaries pollutants?

There seems to be a legislative initiative in Australia to reduce the population of dromedaries. The dromedaries, supernumerary (the same phenomenon in rabbits) would be creatures who because of their digestive system produce "a lot" methane, fearful for the greenhouse effect. I can not tell if this idea in stupidity exceeds that of the man who ran pollute as much as a car. Oh boy...


> Health and environment

If you run, you pollute?

I can't believe it. Yet it is true. They compare the amount of carbon dioxide that a man running emits with the amount that emits an average car. Man pollutes as a car, I read this. Better the woman, when she runs she emits less carbon dioxide. Articles like this surely make culture and (in) formation. Yeah. Quoting a well-known American TV series... "Pplease."


> Health and environment

The nature induces tranquility

I read that it has been scientifically established (or perhaps better to say "accepted"?) that looking at natural landscape induces emotional tranquility and harmony even at the cerebral level. On the other hand, watching a metropolitan landscape brings disconnection in communication between the synapses, intellectual confusion and a state of agitation. That's nice, one day they will also tell us that fishes swim in the water!


> Diets and nutrition

Michelle Obama has the "nutritional plate"

Michella Obama, First Lady, presented the idea of the "pot food" (www.choosemyplate.gov) instead of the well-known "food pyramid". Two facts. She talks about caloric meal intake rather than daily intake, an issue dear to me. She avoids the abstract technicality of nutritionists and she talks straight to the people from the political heart of the nation. Approved. It can work.


> Diets and nutrition

Eat less, but better

The newspapers reported that caloric restriction improves eyesight and memory. Ok, the usual study in mice. Anyway interesting idea. And as usual the author of the article forgets to mention that it's not enough to just eat less, but you should eat better, preferring foods with lower caloric concentration and higher micronutritional concentration, not to turn malnutrition into starvation.


> Childcare

Children learn from your behavior

If you raise your voice to scold your child, do not be surprised if the next time he will raise his voice against you or other children. Guaranteed. And no, it is not a disrespectful child, he learned on your attitude. The child learns from your behavior rather than from your words, who knows why it seems so hard to understand... Imagine then if, unfortunately, you end up raising your hands on your child ...


> Diets and nutrition

Bounching eggs...

After the exploding watermelons caused by the excess of a fertilizer, a news comes increasingly from China about eggs that, once boiled, they bounce. Probably because of chikens fed with counterfeit food containing a protein of cotton seed. A food that make eggs toxic. It's a matter of fraud of course, but also this strange idea that chemistry can ignore and take the place of nature.