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Why Organic?

The organic food store* of Montelupo. This is one of the many sentences that I heard in our first opening week that I will always remember. Perhaps in our own small way, we have added something special to our quaint little town in the heart of Tuscany, perhaps someone has been waiting for a store like ours to open in Montelupo. And here we are!

I'm surprised by how the word organic is associated with something special or something strange, depending from which point of view you're looking at it. Organic means natural¯. Wouldn't it be reasonable to think that what is not natural would seem strange? A generation ago, smoking tobacco was the norm and finding an area for non-smokers in public spaces well, that was special and strange. But now that whole reasoning has changed. So it is odd that today, we need a certification to show that something is natural, because what has become the norm are those products that are not quite natural. People have asked, are asking and will continue to ask us why we have decided to sell organic foods and products. Well, the answer to that is: why should we sell products that are not organic?

Our interest is not only in the quality of the ingredients in the products we sell, but also in the choice of what KIND of ingredients have been used. Two crackers can have the same shape, the same name, even look the same but it's possible that they may not have even one ingredient in common. The list of ingredients can be long and mysterious or short and familiar. When we choose which products to keep on our shelves, we try as much as possible to understand its labels and to select a product not only because of its organic origins but also because its composition is natural. Our mission is to help people realize that food nourishes and nourishes in different ways depending on the quality of it's ingredients and the choice of which ingredients to use.

Our dietary habits is the most important tool we have of controlling the quality of our lives. It is the starting point and together with physical activity and our mental thoughts it allows us to reach a state of well-being. Every year, we eat about two thousand times and everytime we eat we have the chance not only to satisfy our caloric needs but also to shape our hormonal responses. Once we understand this it all becomes easier and eventually it becomes instinctive. This realization changes even our perception of taste which becomes more sensitive, more refined as in makes its return to nature.

Health and thus well-being begins at the table, it begins with our foods, it continues in our minds through our thoughts and it is completed through physical activity. The comforts of modern life have confused us into thinking that normal physical activity (those simple movements that make up our every day) means exercising.

We want to thank those of you who are with us on this adventure. Our promise is to create a space that not only satisfies your needs but that also encourages you to stop and reflect and to expand your awareness on what kind of foods you are choosing. This is the most efficient and the only true tool we have to stay in shape, to reach a true state of well-being and to improve the quality of our lives.

* The Esserebio store in Montelupo has closed on February 28, 2010. It remains our commitment to provide culture with this web space. A heartfelt thanks to all who trusted in us and have been our customers.