SIMPLE OPINIONS > Health and medicine

The threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria

The British government in the National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies sees in the threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria (Amr: Antimicrobial Resistance Infection) a risk to public health. The widespread use of antibiotics is a gym for the bacteria. It is not the use of antibiotics but the abuse of antibiotics that concerns us all, the antibiotics taken for "precaution". Let's go back to using medication only when really needed.


Children and allergies, let's go back to nature

A study by the New England Journal of Medicine finds that children born to mothers who eat foods that contain allergens during pregnancy tend to develop less allergies. As it is known that infants who are in contact with pets tend to develop fewer allergies as well. Let's get back to nature and back to normal. This is the lesson. An aseptic and hypoallergenic enviroment is not healthy.



The Italian scandal about the prescription formula milk when not needed

Great fanfare: pediatricians involved in a malfeasance against infant and new mothers. They prescribed the use of artificial milk powder in exchange for bribes by the manufacturers. Against the ethics. I hope, however, we would reflect that the damage is not the gift received but the fact that they have altered the nutrition and the development of the infant. Infant formula is not comparable to the modern one. And it never will.


SIMPLE OPINIONS > Diets and nutrition

Sunscreening eating fruit

Protect yourself with a high protectiosunscreen, this is the first recommendation before exposure to the sun. The protection, however, begins with eating sources of beta-carotene such as apricots, cantaloupe, carrots raw, but also watermelon. In this way, the skin defends itself becoming more responsive to tanning and allowing the melanin to protect us. A simple and healthy habit for every day in the summer.


SIMPLE OPINIONS > Health and environment

Smoke-free beach in Bibione (Venice, Italy)

A step out of the Middle Ages. In the seaside resort of Bibione (in the province of Venice, Italy) an ordinance banning smoking on the beach to protect people from breathing secondhand smoke. Smoking doesn't bother only the ones who smoke! Smoking indoors in public spaces is a violence and luckily is prohibited. Smoking outdoor in public spaces is still an act of rudeness towards people around us.



NUTRITION > Why organic

Why Organic?

The organic food store* of Montelupo. This is one of the many sentences that I heard in our first opening week that I will always remember. Perhaps in our own small way, we have added something special to our quaint little town in the heart of Tuscany, perhaps someone has been waiting for a store like ours to open in Montelupo. And here we are! I'm surprised by how the word organic is ... read more >>


NUTRITION > The Omega 3 world

The World of Omega 3

Forget your fears of fat. Once you get better acquainted with them they will become your strongest allies. Fats hold about 9 calories per gram and for this reason in common dietary regimes they are often denounced. But what we often don't think about is that not all fats are the same and neither are their final destinations. Saturated Fatty Acids and Unsaturated Fatty Acids The first truth ... read more >>


WELLNESS > Physiology of stress

The Physiology of Stress

The General Adaptation Syndrome It was 1936 and the Austrian researcher Hans Selye thought he had discovered a new hormone during one of his endocrinal experiments on animals. By injecting ovarian extracts into laboratory mice, he obtained specific reactions such has swelling of the adrenal cortex and the atrophy of organs that were important players of the immune system. He continued his ... read more >>